Diversity Training

We live in a wonderfully rich and diverse nation but recent events have show that there are still major issues of racial disparity, cultural illiteracy, and discrimination due to gender, sexuality, religion and disabilities.

There is great potential and many opportunities for us to improve the way we live and work with one another that can make our lives richer, our relationships stronger and our workplaces more effective.

The More Than A Colour Training will help your workforce develop skills in cultural literacy that will promote dignity, respect and harmony in the workplace.

Investing in diversity and inclusion has a range of benefits for the workplace:

  • Promoting values of equality and diversity

  • Ensuring employees are comfortable to bring their ‘whole self’ to work

  • Facilitating recruitment and retention, particularly from backgrounds that are under-represented

  • Equipping employees to work with clients from a wider cross-section of the global population

  • Enabling strategies for tackling extremism

  • Preventing the risk of non-compliance with the Equalities Act of 2010

"Krish's thoughtful presentation of some of the key issues relating to racial justice, coupled with his gifts of storytelling and communication, make him a perfect facilitator. Giving space to hear participants' voices, he responds with accessible insights that pave the way for practical ways forward."

Chine McDonald, writer and broadcaster

Workshop Options

After the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer in May 2020 there has been renewed global interest in issues of racial disparity, diversity and inclusion.

Race Literacy Taster Session (1 hr) online

- Understanding discrimination

- Why inclusion benefits everyone

- Celebrating diversity

Race Literacy Day Seminar (5 hrs) online / face to face

- Race, ethnicity and culture

- Racial disparity, inclusion and diversity

- Challenging stereotypes

- Equality, equity and justice

- What it means to be combat racism

- Onion model of belief, value and behaviour

- Improving your cultural intelligence

- Why empathy is a superpower

- How to be an ally

Inclusion & Diversity Seminar Feedback

“Dr Kandiah expertly helped us tackle some difficult topics in a winsome and helpful way. I am planning to book another session with him very soon."

Aidan Mews, Statistician at Ministry of Justice

“A challenging, enlightening and engaging seminar that really helped all attendees to grapple with important aspects of diversity and inclusion in the workplace."

Sue Breeze, Joint Head Global Health Team, International Response Department,
Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

"Really good opportunity to reflect and think about common humanity, how our performance data and explicit leadership does not promote racial equality and how in my role, I can start to shift practice.
Thank you."

Senior Social Worker

"An excellent presenter, a good mix of information and discussion leaving food for thought, thank you!"

Panel Member

"Thank you for a very enlightening and sensitive seminar."

Social Worker